Universal and Adjustable File Bars

Universal and Adjustable File Bars

Universal and Adjustable file bars:

Northland Online Universal and Adjustable Universal File Bar System - Ideal for All Cabinets, Including Custom-Made Ones.  These systems are particularly useful when replacement file bars are challenging to find.

The Universal File Bar System features a design that accommodates any model or brand, irrespective of age, and is even suitable for custom-made cabinets. The Universal File bars are sold in a 40-inch length, ready to be cut to your desired size or adjustable in length to fit any cabinet. 

Northland Online Adjustable Universal File Bars for Metal or Wood Filing Cabinet Drawers - Revitalizes Used Lateral File Cabinets for Hanging Folders

  • The adjustable universal file rails are flexible enough to fit drawers ranging from 25" to 40" wide.
  • Enables both Metal or Wood Lateral File Cabinets to accommodate Hanging File Folders.
  • To customize the fit, extend the bar to your required length and secure it by tightening the set screw in place. Attach the appropriate metal or wood clip at each end for side-to-side, letter, or legal filing.
  • The design ensures a smooth transition between the outside rail and inside sliding rail, facilitating easy sliding of hanging file folders.
  • Universally designed to fit most models or brands, regardless of age.

These bars are designed to function with our (2) styles of universal file clips, METAL & WOODTogether they allow you to create your own "custom length" lateral cabinet file bars. Multiple bars used in any combination allow you to design your own Universal File Bar System.

Universal File Bar Mounting System - Installation Video 

Adjustable Universal File Bar - Wood Clip
Adjustable Universal File Bar - Metal Clip
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