Northland Online Replacement File Bars

Replacement File Bar

Northland Online is ready to help you identify the appropriate file bars or hanging file rails required for your metal or wooden lateral file cabinet. 

Whether you're facing challenges with missing file bars, displaced bars, or a cabinet not initially designed for hanging files, we're here to provide solutions. 

  • Is your cabinet lateral or vertical?
  • Is your cabinet wood or metal?
    • Note: not all metal cabinets are Steelcase brand. 
  • Looking to file Left-to-right (side-to-side) or front to back (facing you)?
    • Vertical cabinets tend to be Front to Back filing
  • Does your drawer have the necessary hardware to support the file bars? This may include slots on metal or wood for sliding hanging bars, built-in rails in a metal drawer, or guides on a wooden drawer to secure a rail and clip. You might need small brackets or clips to support the file bars.
  • Does your cabinet have a brand name? Identifying this can help determine the suitable file bars.

If you already possess the specific bar or know the bar you need, please send us an email. If you are unsure of the brand cabinet but already possess a specific bar, send a picture of the end of the bar to 


To correctly measure your lateral file cabinet, measure the OUTSIDE width of the entire cabinet. The actual bar length will be shorter to accommodate your drawer.

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