Herman Miller Lateral File Bar

Herman Miller and Meridian Lateral Cabinets

Not certain about the file bars for your Herman Miller or Meridian cabinet? Unsure if it's even a Herman Miller product? Our Herman Miller replacement file bar tutorial is here to guide you. Whether your cabinet is 30", 36", or 42" wide, we'll help you find the right bars for side-to-side (left-to-right)filing of your file folders.

Key Diagnostics:

  • Does it bear the Herman Miller or Meridian label?
  • Is the cabinet made of metal?
  • Is it 30", 36", or 42" wide?
  • If unmarked, check the lock code for UM or HM, this usually indicates Herman Miller or Meridian.

If you answered yes to these, proceed to differentiate between Old and New Style lateral file bars based on hooks and slits. 

Check the hooks and slits on your drawer walls. 

  1. Open the drawer intending to file from left to right.
  2. The “OLD” bar features a single hook positioned towards the bottom of the bar, while the “NEW” bar is noticeably taller in design with a hook tailored to fit into the drawer wall's slit.
  3. Inspect the slits on both the left and right walls of your drawer. Note that the “NEW Style” cabinet exhibits a distinctively long slit, exceeding 2 inches in height, specifically designed to accommodate the taller bar. If you notice a smaller slit, you likely have Herman Miller “OLD Style” cabinet. 



File bar sizes are based on the outside width of the entire cabinet. The actual bar will be shorter to fit your drawer.

Bar Size:

  • 30 inch (outside cabinet width)
    • 26-7/16” bar size
  • 36 inch (outside cabinet width)
    • 32-7/16” bar size
  • 42 inch (outside cabinet width)
    • 38-7/16” bar size

If uncertain about your cabinet's manufacturer, feel free to contact us.

Note: If you've identified your cabinet as a Meridian or Herman Miller Old Style and want to file front to back, consider our front to back conversion bars.

Visit our website to order the appropriate file bars.

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