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"Hot Spot" - Stainless Steel Outdoor Fire Grill
Northland Metal

"Hot Spot" - Stainless Steel Outdoor Fire Grill

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COMING SOON! Northland's "Hot Spot" - Stainless Steel Outdoor Fire Grill is perfect for camp fire grilling & cooking, at the campground, in your backyard, over a fire pit, cooking out on weekend picnics and more. Made in the USA of 18-8 stainless steel, this sturdy swivel grill rotates 360 degrees and is fully height adjustable. Easy one hand operation. Features a generous 20" x 20" stainless steel cooking area (with raised edges to keep hot dogs, brats etc from rolling off into the fire). Self-locking mechanism built right into the handle re-positions the grill to your liking.  Quality made in the USA and will never rust! P/N HSG2010

  • Stake & Swivel Grill For Outdoor Open Fire Cooking.
  • 300 Series 18-8 Stainless Steel Cooking Surface.
  • No-Slip Safety Catch With Simple One-Hand Operation. (see safety catch below).
  •  Unique Two Piece Design Quickly Disassembles For Easy Cleaning, Portability & Storage.
  • Heavy Duty Fully Welded Metal Construction.
  • Materials: 18-8 Stainless Steel, Low Carbon Mild Steel, Wood.
  • Neck assembly and stake are made of mild steel.
  • Includes a handy carry-box for portability & storage.
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty, Made in U.S.A.
  • Weight:    ?? lbs

Eat Healthy: Food cooked on rusty, galvanized, or other chemically coated metals such as high temperature paint or powder coatings is known to raise health concerns. What harmful chemicals are leaching into your food? "Hot Spot" Grill is made from pure 18-8 stainless steel. The same food-grade material that fine kitchen cookware and professional food handling equipment is made of. Be aware that some products sold as stainless are merely PLATED, COATED or CHEMICALLY TREATED with a thin metallic overlay. "Hot Spot" Grill is made from solid stainless steel bars that will never rust! You can cook with confidence knowing your safe and enjoy the healthy lifestyle you long for.

Safety Catch: swivel grills of this design can easily separate from the stake if the front of the grill is inadvertently tipped up. In an instant the grill slides down the post and you find yourself calling for pizza since your hot dogs have now become burned to a crisp! A self-locking mechanism built right into the handle automatically re-sets itself every-time the grill is re-positioned. No need to remember to set it or fumble with threaded style locking knobs like on other brands. A simple squeeze of the release lever is all it takes to reposition the grill, making it a one-hand operation.

Construction: Hand crafted in USA. Materials and manufacturing processes optimized for quality and longevity. "Hot Spot Stainless Steel Fire Grill" is a trademark of Northland Metal Industries Inc.

Magnet Test: 18-8 stainless is non-magnetic as is all 300 series stainless steels. Do a magnet test on those  cheap "budget" foreign made fire grills. If its magnetic, it's not stainless!

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